10 tips to optimize your blogging

How long you have not optimized your blog?

Optimizing a website is a continuous task. Everything changes, your blog, the main theme of your posts, perhaps the design, the interest of your readers, etc. - So you too blog should be adapted.

I propose you on this post 10 tips to optimize your blog and get more hits from people interested in your content:

1. Optimize your blog every 1-2 weeks
This gives you time to see the results of your changes. Optimizing every day then you do not know what it was that gave good results, or if perhaps some of your changes down the accesses.
2. Check out your stats (Google Analytics or whatever)
Look good keywords (keywords) with which the visitors come from search engines. Are they relevant keywords for your blog? "Over a month, which keyword never appears, but should appear in this list? The theme of your blog is tuning cars, but the word "tune" never comes? Optimize your tickets!
3. Check your categories and tags
When you look at your categories and tags, do you need all of it? Worthless have 250 labels and 50 categories if it is also possible to put together the entries in 30 categories and 150 tags to good. We'll discuss the topic of labels in a separate entry, because I think a very little discussed in the blogosphere.
4. Link your old posts
What you write today may also be worth tomorrow, especially if tickets are sustainable rate. One problem with blogs is that many users subscribe to your RSS feed but it no longer read your older posts. If you frequently refer to entries you've written before, get more visibility for all your entries.
5. Contact other users
A blog is not something that works by itself, a blog is a tool to communicate and contact with others. Therefore, to optimize your blog is vital to maintain contact with other users and bloggers via Twitter, e-mail, etc. - These are the relationships and friendships that later help you when you have a question, need feedback for a new design, or want to promote a special project.
6. Participate in discussions
The blogosphere is a place for discussion, so for each item are up discussions. In these discussions you should participate first in your own blog, but also in the comment sections on other blogs (always with a link to a blog entry where you explain your point of view).
7. Amendment temporal expressions
Many bloggers in their posts include time expressions such as "Yesterday I spoke with ..." or have an event "the weekend" - these expressions are worth well to a recent entry, but they should disappear from the entries and older. It is recommended to re-look at the latest posts every 2-3 weeks to remove or modify the text to "neutralize" the temporal expression that are worth even a few months later.
8. Include something special
After a while a blog is in danger of becoming boring and monotonous. To prevent that from happening, I recommend inviting other bloggers to write entries invited (guest posts) on my blog, do interviews with experts of the blogosphere or the theme of your blog, enter competitions. - Anything you can think that is something special compared to your posts is often good.
9. Should be good
All very good and then write tickets also publish posts that do not fully comply with the requirements for a quality entry. The important thing is that when you write an entry that went well and perhaps has led to an interesting discussion, highlight it in your sidebar or link to it from other entries.
10. Try to be different
People talk about diversity. If you want to succeed with your blog, one must be different in some way be distinguished from all others. If you can find a way unique to you, others speak of you and your blog and lot of advocacy work that at first you have to currar you, then will your community.

Both keep the blog as your blogging process and all related need optimization frequently. Only optimized blog has the ability to become something big.

And you, how to optimize your blog?