Are you tired of your blog?

It is a very common phenomenon that tends to affect many bloggers from time to time: fatigue.

After spending some time with a blog, and especially when it is successful from the beginning, it is normal that at some point you get tired of it. You do not have good ideas, do not think you will get to reach your goal and you do not look motivated to spend even more time writing useful and unique entries, etc.
Do you leave?

If you think you're tired of your blog, quitting is one of the main options to consider. Must see things as they are: a blog takes a long time. If it is very likely that two or three months you're going to leave anyway, leave it directly. Say goodbye with a final entry and give them to thank your readers for following the progress of your web project. Period. I no longer post anything more, and once it has gone down so your search engine rankings no longer worthwhile to keep the blog, quit, cancel the domain and no longer pay for the hosting.
But it makes me sad ...

There are few bloggers who are so sure of your decision and then suddenly stop your blog.

Most common are ups and downs - and while we must fully exploit high abundant phases of motivation and creativity, we must also be able to overcome the stages of low, it would be best to leave the blog entirely.

Especially if you take enough time with a blog, more often than not let me give you grief. And even if you only have 100 entries, as you've invested at least 50-100 hours in the production of the contents of your blog. You will not suddenly stop because you do not look eager to follow. How can you then pick up the thread and continue the work started much did it cost?
5 tips to overcome

Here I leave you 5 tips to overcome difficult phases of blogging, you might help one of these:
1. Rest

And a few bloggers have told me of the phases of low motivation, and the first advice I usually give is to rest a week. Rest then not only means not to write tickets, but also includes not read other blogs, RSS feeds do not follow other blogs, nothing at all related to blogging - that is, to be on vacation from blogging.

If you find it very hard that you will return this week with quite a lot of motivation and ideas for a whole week on that blog.

On the other hand, if it costs you nothing to be without following your blog for a week then it is time to think about why you started your blog and what was your goal.
2. Check your main objective

There are several objectives on why someone starts a blog. The important thing is that you always have in mind your main objective in everything we do. Maybe the goal is no longer important to you, then consider or modify the object and focus your blog on a new track in line with your new goal, or leave your blog and you do not spend more time as worthless.
3. Interact

Something that often helps a lot in the difficult phases of blogging is to mix with other bloggers - talking to some on Twitter, leave comments on your posts, please contact them directly by e-mail or their contact form - in some cases you may be forming friendships, in others perhaps an exchange of tickets, or simply exchange ideas on what might be blogging.

Blogs are a great tool to interact with others, and should take full advantage!
4. Back to square one

It might help to think of the beginning of your blogging. Why did you start your blog? Who wanted to write tickets? Re-read your first entries - maybe you know something else in the meantime you can write an entry again with more useful and unique information that can even serve them to your readers that the old entry.
5. Question

After some time, something like a community around your blog - people who leave comments often, bloggers contact you by e-mail directly, people to talk to bloggers fairs, etc. - These people have a special interest in your blog or in you, and will be happy to help. What if you write a post asking for ideas for new entries, asking about specific questions to resolve, inviting other users to write guest posts (guest tickets) in your blog, etc. - You'll see that you can trust in your community.

Do you know the ups and downs of blogging? How do you usually overcome these phases?