Invest 10 minutes to your next post

How long do you usually spend on an entry in your blog?
I propose that next time you invest 10 minutes. Just to see if you also give good results, I recommend you spend 10 minutes more than usual with your next post. Why? Because I am sure that in 10 minutes a blogger can do enough to improve the quality of their entry by 50%.

What sounds like a promise of a commercial, operates in practice because the vast majority of Internet users works the same way.

In this post I'll explain what to do during these 10 minutes:
00:02 more to the concept

When you have good ideas for a new post, a blogger often stands in front of the computer and start typing. It should, however, to think for 2 minutes in the content of the post and a concept for how to attract the attention of readers with kind words of introduction, how to lead readers to the main entrance phrase, and how to summarize everything said to remain in the memory of long time readers and motivates them to further research.
00:02 more for a good introduction

The introductory words are what determines whether a visitor reading the entire entry or not - especially if your blog only shows excerpts before displaying the entire entry.

After completing a post like today, I enjoy spending two minutes changing the introductory words to try to provoke interest and invite you click on "read more".

In addition, readers will read your post otherwise if they are "well prepared" after reading the introduction.
00:02 more to the structure

Many readers will read the title, introduction and then just read your post above. While you may not like it, is a fact that bloggers have to accept. Therefore, it is our responsibility to read the information as easily as possible.

If you read some entries in this blog, you'll see that 99% of entries have at least two titles. These titles in 99% of cases will tell you what the paragraph below. Thus the reader can decide in an instant if you want to read a whole paragraph or if you prefer to continue to the next. If you spend 2 minutes giving structure to your tickets, your visitors will thank you back often for the wonderful presentation of information.
00:03 more to more sources

Many of your visitors, especially if your blog is already several months, will come from Google searches, Yahoo or Live. Have searched for specific information and want to know more. Normally you will not be the only source of information to consult, which means that after being on my blog will want to return to your favorite search engine to find more information on other blogs, forums, etc..

If you want to become the primary source of information of your readers, help from three minutes after each entry in the search for relevant information. Vale to propose two or three additional links, recommendations for tools, links to Wikipedia, or links to other entries of other bloggers. That will make your readers are mostly in the pages you recommend. This will save you time and will leave with the impression that not only found information on your blog, but also has helped them to investigate further.
00:01 more to the title

The number of blogs, entries, websites, and forums seems endless. For any keyword you leave millions of results on Google. How can you call attention among so much competition?

What is most striking when looking at search results in Google, for example, are the titles. In addition to its unique positioning in search engines, which can also determine whether a user of Google just opened your blog to all those who leave or decide to open another.

Spend 1 minute longer than usual trying to create a title interesting / controversial / provocative and tries to get a keyword from time to time. You'll see good results soon in the statistics of hits to your blog!