How to make money from your blog

You started your new blog as a platform to share your hobbies and ideas to the world. You have quite good number of articles which are result of your own experiences in life. You have lot of tips to offer to the rest of world. You have really unique content in your blog. Suddenly you realized that your blog which you started just a hobby can actually earn money for you.

You will be delighted to hear that it’s true.
Blogs can generate a steady (sometimes extraordinary income) income for you provided they are popular and lot of people visit your blog on daily basis. Next question arises to you. How to promote your blog? Though you have written quite handful of good informative articles, world will not see it until you promote your blog in right and creative ways.

There are many ways (and the list is growing) to earn from your blog. What I am focusing in this article is how to generate traffic for your blog. Traffic is money in blogosphere. I suggest you to take this sentence literally. Take close look on below methods and strategies (and implement of course) which will help to build steady and growing traffic for your blog. Needless to mention, it takes no time to convert traffic into a steady income.

Write articles which solve people’s problems

Always keep in mind that people came to your blog looking or something which actually helps them in solving their issue. Let me fill in the blanks now. The something is nothing but information. Always make sure that you write informative blog articles. You need not be a professional writer or journalist, but your article should provide value for readers. Your goal should be not only attracting readers but to make them loyal visitors.

Get serious

You have dreamed to convert your blog a money earning source. This is good. Please accept the fact that your dream won’t come true if you don’t put your investment for blogging. What is your investment then? Time. This is the (only) investment you need in your new blogging business. Invest dedicated time for blogging, promotion and online activities.

Stop being boring. Blogging is fun

I know, my previous tip was scary. I did not mean to scare you. I told you put serious efforts, not to become a serious person :-) Blogging is fun and full of joy. Enjoy every aspect of it, whether it’s writing your new article or promoting your best post or any online activity. Spice up your working area with cool accessories. Convert your computer desk into a vibrant workstation. After all vibrant atmosphere inspires new and fresh idea which can convert into blog posts.

Understand basics of CSS, Photoshop and Dream weaver

Since you decided to become a successful blogger, try learning basics of CSS and Photoshop. These skills will help you to tweak your blog layouts and build a brand for your blog.

It is now time to promote your blog. Start with basics

Always start with Google. Submit your blog to search engines starting with Google. Submit your blog to major search engines. There are few website which submit your blog to multiple search engines. You can give them a try.

Submit your blog to blog directories and carnivals

Yes. This works. Spend time in registering yourself in blog directories and submit your blog there. You can check BlogCatalog Technorati or BlogVille.

Leverage the benefits of guest posting

This is one of the overlooked methods in the process of increasing blog traffic. Write articles as a guest blogger in various high traffic blogs. Your article will be showcased in front of thousands of visitors and at least hundreds of them may be interested in knowing more about you or your other articles. It just takes a click for them to land on your page. Include a link back to your own blog in the resource box.

Commenting on other blogs

This method is one of the easiest methods to get back links for your blog. However, add genuine, value adding comments after reading the post. Don’t just add a comment for the sake of adding a comment. In fact a single good comment can pull good traffic back to your blog.

Work smart

There is no a substitute for hard work. That’s smart work. Use Google keyword tool for keyword optimization which helps you for tweaking your articles and article titles. Use Google Analytics to analyze your blog traffic. Be informed that you need not invent everything from scratch. Research online and you will find a matching widget/plug-in for you. Million thanks to those guys who provide wonderful plug-ins.

Time to earn money from your blog

You have come a long way now. Your blog has now good traffic and a pretty decent daily page views. You can earn money from your blog by displaying advertisements, affiliate marketing and other many ways.
Talk to Google whether you can incorporate Adsense in your blog. You can also try Adbrite, Bidvertise, Chitika Emails, and Amazon Affiliates.

Consistency is the key

All above tips will work only when you do them in consistent manner. I am sure you will. After all your blog will make your living life.




When you put a link on YOUR site, make sure to link to the ANCHOR TEXT and not just “random” text.

- Anchor Text: is used to indicate the subject matter of the page that it links to. For example, the text “SEO Tools” indicates to visitors they can expect to see content about pertaining to SEO Tools if they visit the link.
- “This pattern of usage has been applied in search engine algorithms to enhance the relevance of the “target” or the “landing page” URL for the keywords appearing within the anchor text.” (from


Receive traffic to your blog/website by incorporating keywords into your blog posts.

- Keywords can drive traffic to your blog/site. Make sure to do “keyword research” before incorporating them into your blog. You may want to do a couple of “test blog posts” to see how much traffic your blog/website receives.
- Use tools such as Google AdWords Keyword tool to narrow down your keywords. Use one to two keywords per post. For a 400-word blog, use the keyword 6 times
- Underline, bold, and italicize the keyword. This will make it stand out when visitors land on your blog/website.


Receive traffic to your blog/website via link backs. There are many ways to receive link backs.

- Become a GUEST BLOGGER on another site. This is a great way to network with others and market your blog/website.
- Join forums and contribute to them. This is a great way to network with others and receive a link back to your blog/website.
- Submit your blog posts to article marketing sites. Make sure the article your submit DIFFERS from the original posting.


Short-form video and podcasts are very popular. Posting these on your blog can help drive traffic to your site. YouTube is a well known site used by many people. Create a YouTube account, upload a video, and post a link back to your blog/website. This is a great way to increase traffic to your site.

- Podcast software:, SKYPE (if you’re going to interview someone), Gold Media Player, and Need 4 Software are some programs that can assist
you with creating videos/podcasts.
- You could use Windows Movie Maker to create a video.


Many people use newsletters to entice new customers and to keep regular customers coming back to their blog/website.
- Create a newsletter yourself and send it out to your customers. This means you’ll have to have a database with ALL of your customers’ email addresses.
- You could use AWeber which is a service that will AUTOMATE your newsletter for you. Many people use this service because it’s fast, easy, and convenient. You can even create an EMAIL MARKETING campaign to promote your blog/website.


If you want, you can earn MONEY from your blog. Many people are involved in affiliate / PPC Marketingwhich stands for Pay Per Click. It helps if you
understand the nuances of affiliate and PPC Marketing.
Otherwise, you could spend MORE than you earn!
- Commission Junction (CJ), LinkShare, and Google Performics are FREE affiliate sites. You create an account and begin promoting merchants on your site.
- You can always apply to merchants directly – do not go through CJ, LinkShare, etc…
- Google AdSense is another way to earn money from your blog/website. It’s FREE to sign up. has an Affiliates program as well. You can sell products on your blog/website. They give you the option to create WIDGETS such as a slide show of products or a “wheel” that rotates products.

- It’s FREE to sign up for an Affiliates account. Once you do, you can begin to earn money from your blog/website.
- has many products to choose from, i.e., books, music, DVDs, CDs, MP3s, and much more!

Google AdWords is another way to earn MONEY from your blog. This is where understanding PPC Marketing will be pertinent. You PAY PER CLICK…each time someone
CLICKS on your ad, Google CHARGES you for the click(s).
It’s FREE to create a Google AdWords account. You are allowed to create as many ads as you want. The general rule is to create two ads, let them run, and analyze
which one does the best.
- Use Google AdWords to PROMOTE your blog/website. This is another way to DRIVE TRAFFIC to your site!

You could always sell YOUR own products. If you’ve written an eBook, sell it on your site. If you’ve recorded a CD or DVD, sell it on your site. If you’ve esigned a software, sell it on your site.

- If you’re going to sell products on your site, make sure to use SECURE SITE technology. You MUST reassure visitors that their information is protected
and will NOT be sold to anyone!
- Use PayPal to accept payment, Google Checkout, or some other form of payment application.


- Twitter
- Facebook
- MySpace

Other Social Media
- StumbleUpon
- LinkedIn
- “Specialized sites” such as Viscape (travel
industry)…there are a ton of sites out there for
your “niche” market.


Article Marketing is done by almost everyone that has a blog/website. It’s another ay to DRIVE traffic to your blog/website.
Article Marketing Sites – Free to Sign Up…
- Ezine Articles
- Affsphere (can include affiliate links in article)
- Isnare
- GoArticles
- ArticleCity

Article Marketing is done by almost everyone that has a blog/website. It’s another ay to promote YOUR BUSINESS and drive traffic to your blog/website.
- If you engage in article marketing and submit a blog post, make sure to CHANGE the blog post (article) so it will be different from the original. If not, Google will consider it DUPLICATE CONTENT and it could deter visitors from your blog/website.
- Use duplicate content applications such as DupeCop (charges a fee) or Duplicate Checker from These applications give you a PERCENTAGE – How much did your blog post change, i.e., 10%, 5%, etc…Most people like to have a 20% difference between ORIGINAL and NEW blog post (article).


_ Keep blog posts between 350 – 700 words.
_ Choose a “niche” or whatever interests you and begin to blog about it at least 3 times per week.
_ Blogs are usually written in 2nd person speech, i.e. you, your, yourself, etc… However, you can write in the 1st person
speech as well.
_ Proofread your work.
_ Create UNIQUE content.
_ Include graphics and video.
_ Create “eye-catching” headlines.
_ Provide links in your blog. Use Anchor Text.
_ Give readers a REASON to visit your blog, i.e. free stuff, great content, eBooks, newsletters, etc…
_ Market your blog through Article Marketing and Social Media.


- Commission Junction
- LinkShare
- Google Performics

_ Howie Schwartz
_ Frank Kern
_ Chris Carpenter (Google Cash Detective)
_ PPC Classroom (Anik and Amit)
_ Stomper Net
_ CPA Ninja

10 Blogging Tips

1. Write to be helpful.
2. Be brief.
3. Tell a story.
4. Connect others, if appropriate.
5. Share. Often.
6. Don’t overthink it. (It’s a blog, not a dissertation.)
7. But be thoughtful.
8. Don’t be mean.
9. Publish often enough to build a relationship.
10. But be mindful of your audience’s time.