If you want, you can earn MONEY from your blog. Many people are involved in affiliate / PPC Marketingwhich stands for Pay Per Click. It helps if you
understand the nuances of affiliate and PPC Marketing.
Otherwise, you could spend MORE than you earn!
- Commission Junction (CJ), LinkShare, and Google Performics are FREE affiliate sites. You create an account and begin promoting merchants on your site.
- You can always apply to merchants directly – do not go through CJ, LinkShare, etc…
- Google AdSense is another way to earn money from your blog/website. It’s FREE to sign up. has an Affiliates program as well. You can sell products on your blog/website. They give you the option to create WIDGETS such as a slide show of products or a “wheel” that rotates products.

- It’s FREE to sign up for an Affiliates account. Once you do, you can begin to earn money from your blog/website.
- has many products to choose from, i.e., books, music, DVDs, CDs, MP3s, and much more!

Google AdWords is another way to earn MONEY from your blog. This is where understanding PPC Marketing will be pertinent. You PAY PER CLICK…each time someone
CLICKS on your ad, Google CHARGES you for the click(s).
It’s FREE to create a Google AdWords account. You are allowed to create as many ads as you want. The general rule is to create two ads, let them run, and analyze
which one does the best.
- Use Google AdWords to PROMOTE your blog/website. This is another way to DRIVE TRAFFIC to your site!

You could always sell YOUR own products. If you’ve written an eBook, sell it on your site. If you’ve recorded a CD or DVD, sell it on your site. If you’ve esigned a software, sell it on your site.

- If you’re going to sell products on your site, make sure to use SECURE SITE technology. You MUST reassure visitors that their information is protected
and will NOT be sold to anyone!
- Use PayPal to accept payment, Google Checkout, or some other form of payment application.