How to make money from your blog

You started your new blog as a platform to share your hobbies and ideas to the world. You have quite good number of articles which are result of your own experiences in life. You have lot of tips to offer to the rest of world. You have really unique content in your blog. Suddenly you realized that your blog which you started just a hobby can actually earn money for you.

You will be delighted to hear that it’s true.
Blogs can generate a steady (sometimes extraordinary income) income for you provided they are popular and lot of people visit your blog on daily basis. Next question arises to you. How to promote your blog? Though you have written quite handful of good informative articles, world will not see it until you promote your blog in right and creative ways.

There are many ways (and the list is growing) to earn from your blog. What I am focusing in this article is how to generate traffic for your blog. Traffic is money in blogosphere. I suggest you to take this sentence literally. Take close look on below methods and strategies (and implement of course) which will help to build steady and growing traffic for your blog. Needless to mention, it takes no time to convert traffic into a steady income.